• a fathers confirmation comes later in life

A Fathers Confirmation comes later in life, Not while you are Man Building

As I stood in the lobby at the ice rink watching my son tie the skates of my grandson, my mind wandered back in time some 20 years earlier when I was doing the same exact thing for my son. I remember the early morning hockey games, many before the sunshine appeared for the day, a half-awake boy in the locker room trying to get dressed for the big game. Yes, this was my son, my pride and joy. Little did I know what I was doing at the time, I was just being a father.

As a father, you continue with this routine through his childhood, searching for moments to teach him things he needs to know in life. Did any of this make sense to him you think to yourself, will this be remembered?

Fast forward and now you have your answer, you see it happening before your eyes. My heart jumped for joy to hear my son tell his son,

“My dad did this for me when I was little like you.”

Hearing these words affirmed my efforts as a father, there is no higher compliment a father can get than a statement like that from his son. Well, maybe one, be sure to tell your son you love him so he can pass that love on to his son as well.

Fathers, what I am saying is this, make sure you devote time to your son, teach godly values to them, and teach them to respect other things. In short, “Man Building”, is that not our job as a father?  After your son’s journey through childhood, sit back and observe, especially once he has a son of his own.

It will be during this time that you will get confirmation, not while you are Man Building.

This scene made me proud of who I am and what I stand for in today’s hard world. Did I teach and raise my son correctly?

This scene confirms that fact in the creation of a legacy of ice hockey, passed on for a third generation of Walker boys. I am not sure I will still be around to see the fourth generation, but in my heart, this special scene lives on.

Fathers, it is moments like this, that you should live for, to see your efforts in raising a son, and the transformation to them for raising a son of their own.

Darrell Walker
Proud Father 2013


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