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Teach your son courage through conquering heights

I may climb perhaps to no great heights, but I will climb on. – Cyrano de Bergerac

Every time I leave the ground there is always a nervousness which accompanies me. Whether it be flying, looking out from a skyscraper, climbing a ladder to work on something in my home, or getting ready to jump off a diving board…it is there.

Is it fear? Is it nervousness? Is it both?

In the beginning for your son, it is both.

It is natural for you to be both afraid and fearful when in a high place or about to perform an activity that involves heights. However, one of two things happen.

  1. You overcome the experience through courageous thoughts that lead you to take that leap, get in that plane, jump off the diving board, or climb the rock wall.
  2. You are overcome by fear and leave the activity.

Your son must learn to overcome many fears in his life. The fear of heights, acrophobia,  is one such fear.

Let’s not confuse nervousness with fear. It is perfectly ok to be nervous when experiencing situations that involve heights. This is our body and minds response to the situation alerting us that normal safety is not present. We all feel this to some degree. The difference is how we react and whether we are controlled by the situation or in control of the situation.

We at ManBuilders believe your son will benefit from learning to be in control of the nervousness that leads to fear when experiencing activities with heights.

Ready to teach your son? Lets see how.

Teaching Opportunities

Regardless of what scenario you choose to use in teaching your son, always prepare him first and explain what is going to happen. The more information that your son has in advance the more likely he will be in handling it well. People are much more fearful when they do not feel in control and knowledge helps create a sense of control.

Checkout the many opportunities where you can teach your son healthy ways to discuss the fears associated with heights. In every case, exercise the proper amount of safety for the situation and stay with him.

  1. Climbing a tree.
  2. Jumping off a diving board in a swimming pool.
  3. Flying in an airplane.
  4. Hike to a high point/cliff and take in the view.
  5. Climb a rock wall (bouldering).
  6. Visit an observation deck in a skyscraper or tall building.
  7. Climb a ladder.

Recent Rock Camp Experience

Living in Aggieland, the home of Texas A&M University, presented a unique opportunity for my son Jordan through “Rock Camp” provided by the Recreation Center at Texas A&M University. This 5-Day camp provided 25 hours of rock wall climbing instruction. Prior to the experience, my son Jordan had never climbed a tree. Now, he can climb a 47′ Rock Wall. Amazing!

Giving him the opportunity to become courageous through heights has strengthened his confidence and put him one step closer to becoming a man.

Checkout this YouTube video of his 47′ Rock Wall climb and hear mom and dad cheering him on.

Teach your son to become courageous through conquering nervousness and fear that come with situations involving heights today! Do you have any stories or good activities to share with the community for teaching your son how to discuss situations involving heights?

Climb on!

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