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Special Article: Make a Cheap Christmas Ornament with your Son!

Every boy does not need to know how to make an ornament to become a man.

Alright, were past that.

My wife put together one of the best homemade Christmas ornaments I have ever seen. If you want to do a Christmas craft with your son this Christmas, consider making this ornament.

BIG HINT: You could change the colors out to dark blue, red, or black to make it manly!

Total Cost = $10 on average (could be less depending on what you have around the home)
Makes 4-8 Ornaments.

To reduce the cost down further or make more ornaments, take the time to look around the house for unused supplies. Consider borrowing a hot glue gun from a friend if you do not already own one.

Gather Supplies

  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Hot Glue Sticks
  • Clear Ornaments ($1 for 4 if you find on clearance)
  • Feathers ($2 at Walmart, but you will use so few from the bag, try to find some around the house)
  • Ribbon ($1.50 a roll)
  • Kosher Salt ($2-3)
  • Colored rocks or beads (look through an old jewelry box for unused beads or broken jewelry)
  • Colored Wire ($2)

Now Let’s Build Your Chirstmas Angel Ornament!

Gather supplies for the project

1. Gather the supplies for your project and arrange.

Fill Christmas Ornament with Kosher Salt plus Beads Manbuilders

2. Fill the ornament with Kosher Salt and a mix of beads. You can mix colors, shapes, sizes, or whatever you have lying around.

Christmas oranament cut length

3. Cut ribbon for the angel to desired length. We recommend 3-4 inches.

Cut wire and run through beads of Christmas ornament

4. Cut two strips of wire for the angel tassels and one strip to run beads through for the angels head.

Christmas Ornament arrange bow lace wire feather and glue

5. Arrange the bow, wire tassels, feather, and ribbon tassels together. You can glue them to the back of the bow.

Christmas Ornament Hot Glue and Wrap Wire

6. Take a piece of spare ribbon and wrap around the wire of the angels head. Use hot glue to seal the ribbon once it is fully wrapped around.

Christmas Ornament Hot Glue Head to Bow

7. Hot glue the angel head wire with the ribbon wrapped around from the previous step onto the bow.

Hot glue shown in more detail

7A. Hot glue while holding pressure on the bow.

Christmas Ornament hot glue blow to ornament

8. Hot glue the bow to the ornament and press firmly. Be careful not to burn your fingers from the hot glue squeezing out of the sides.

Christmas Ornament Hold Up and test

9. Once the hot glue has dried, pickup the ornament from the lace hook and test to ensure the glue holds the bow to the ornament. To add an extra special touch, use a craft pen to write a message or a name on the ornament.

Merry Christmas! Please share this on Pinterest and social media to help get this easy and cheap craft for Christmas out!

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